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Our company produces strings  in huge quantities according to industrial criteria, in form of standard of 2,000 strings per bundle having all the same diameter.


All this was made possible thanks to our three extruder plants with laser checkers for the final  gauge and roundness on all of our products.

Capacity: 300,000 single ukulele strings per day; 100,000 single guitar strings per day

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These are our standard products:


New!   Aquila SUPERNYLGUT®


supernylgut bulk


January 2014:  We are proud to launch the upgraded, ultimate  version of our famous white Nylgut® strings.

The SUPERNYLGUT® ukulele string have a charming natural pearl color instead the old milky white one and a very very smooth and polished surface feels like wax.  They are also pretty pliable but less stretchy than any previous Nylgut® version , this resulting in a faster setting to proper tune when new and in a tendency of easily maintaining the intonation when reached.

This help to do the tuning operation faster  dropping the general  production  costs

On top of this, Supernylgut is stronger and does not suffer from eventually sharp edges of the nuts, marks from frets or hard nail playing. And you can get all these upgrades together with the wonderful richness of tone which made our Nylgut® a success. Suitable for Ukulele & Guitar

                                                                                               SUPERNYLGUT® strings will replace, step-by step- the  traditional  white Aquila strings



New Nylgut logo

The New Nylgut® is the first product developed and patented by Aquila.

The New Nylgut® is nor common Nylon or Carbon (Fluocarbon fishing line or PVDF), or a mix of them. It is a plastic compound of three different components

Compared to Nylon, the New Nylgut® produces a better sound and stays in tune better, this because the moisture absorption is less of .1% against the 2.0% of Nylon normally employed for the musical strings (i.e. Du Pont Tynex® polyammide 6-12).

Due to the higher density, similar to that of pure gut (1.30 gr/cm3), the New Nylgut® produces a better sound than Nylon and it is not so metallic like those of the so- called ‘Carbon’ (Fluorocarbon) PVDF strings.

In other words, the New Nylgut® is probably the first genuine syntetic gut in the world.

The New Nylgut® assures:

1) a better sound than Nylon or PVDF, similar to the genuine gut strings

2) a more accurated fret-intonation due to the well gauged material

3) a very stable intonation under moisture changes

Colour: white

To learn more: www.geocities.co.jp/HeartLand-Himawari/9169/genkonjaku3_E.html



Bio Nylon logo

Bionylon® is a musical polyamide developed recently by us and extruded at our headquarter.

It is  a  100%  a natural plant’s derivate (castor oil). This assure less of 50%  carbon dioxide emission during the production.

The moisture absorption is very low, comparable to those of PA 6-12 (the common classical guitar’s Nylon). The performances are excellents.

Ukulele strings: vegetal green colour

Guitar strings: natural pearl colour.

Bionylon® strings are the first eco-friendly musical strings in the world!


Aquila THUNDERGUT® strings

Thundergut logo

(elastic plastic with superior characteristics compared to the common black polyurethane and silicone rubber strings)

Thundergut® is a special very elastic and dense material developed by us in our headquarter that assure superior performances over the common polyuretane and silicon rubber bass strings available in the market.

Thundergut® assure fast and stable intonation; no sweet finger’s slip on the strings.

Suitable for Bass ukuleles.

Color: Brown-yellow.

Advice: these strings are designed for 18 till 21 inch scale only!  If the scale is longher please contact us.
bassuke cuke

Aquila RED SERIES® strings (the first alternative to the metal wound  strings)

cartellino pendente RED-SERIES scelta def


Who never dreamed of tuning the ukulele in low G, without  expensive and  fast rusty metal  wound strings?

Wound strings shows problems that on  ukulele are very considered:

  • shorter lifetime than the treble strings
  • sound power too bright and intrusive compared to the plastic treble strings
  • excessive sustain
  • noise caused by the fingers of the left hand
  • rapid oxidation of the metal wire during the storage & after a certain time

We are happy to announce that  the unwound fourth strings now finally exist. From now, you will finally be able to install ukulele in Low G ensuring sound power,sound quality and intonation on frets fully integrated with that of the upper treble strings.

Granted: no oxidation of the metal wire in case of acid sweat!

  • Color: red-brown
  • Surface: slightly rough; this texture has eliminated the squeak that sometime hapen with the Nylguts.
  • Elasticity/Elongation: like Nylgut & Supernylgut strings
  • Performances:  They do not breacks under stretching. fast and stable tuning
  • Intonation: accurate past the 12th fret
  • Pressing strongly the string on the frets, the note does not became sharper
  • It is not necessary to file the nut slot wider to accommodate it like hapen with the fluocarbon G strings

bulk reds



Silkgut logo

We can define Silkgut® like a cousin of the New Nylgut®.

The difference between New Nylgut® and Silkgut® is that the Silkgut® is a bit stiffer than New Nylgut®.

In other therms it last longer under the finger nails of guitar- players.

Silkgut® is suitable for classical guitar Trebles and modern Harp’s strings.

Colour: silked.

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