Aquila Corde Armoniche stands out in the production of musical strings, following the criteria of the great Italian string-making tradition. Founded in November 1991 by Mimmo Peruffo, a well-known Italian researcher and string maker, the company was established to perpetuate the tradition of gut strings, with a focus on research and innovation.


Mimmo Peruffo, founder and current owner, has actively contributed to scientific research in the field of string manufacturing, exploring European and international museums for industrial archaeology work. In 1997, Aquila patented NYLGUT® strings, a synthetic material that revolutionised sound performance on plucked instruments.


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Aquila is one of the few Italian companies to perpetuate the great tradition of Italian gut string making. In 2018, it rediscovered the Italian method of producing whole lamb gut strings, bringing back the historical production cycle. In 2020, after a year of scientific experimentation, Aquila consolidated its innovative soul by patenting a series of synthetic strings for stringed instruments.


Aquila has expanded its catalogue with over 60 products for ukuleles since 2002, quickly positioning itself as a leader in this market. In recent years, the company has also increasingly established itself in the world of classical guitar and South American instruments through the introduction of innovative materials.


Working strategically with prestigious international companies, Aquila corde can boast of prestigious partnerships for the creation of an innovative product. All this is the result of careful research into materials that is possible thanks to no less than 6 extrusion plants that guarantee a daily production of 30,000 strings.


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