At times here in Aquila we are told: “I installed the first string and it broke, so I tried with a second one and it ended up the same way. What can I do? …

Sometimes, though rarely, it happens!

Therefore, we have created a short guide that will allow you to achieve the maximum performance in short times, avoiding potential breakages and false notes during installation.

All you need is to follow these directions:

  1. After installing the string, tune it out of the slot of the nut. You will insert the string in its groove only when you’ve almost reached the desired final note: this technique ensures that the string has the same tension both in the peg-nut portion and in the nut-bridge portion, and at the same time it avoids potential unpleasant breakages, since we can never tell if the grooves of the nut, that are also points of friction, hide unexpected cutting points.
  2. To help the string stretch evenly without introducing false notes and become stable faster, pull it at the 12th fret during installation, repeating it until the tuning variation after each pull gets minimum.
  3. The strings need a few days after first installation to develop their full sound, so we suggest to install them and then wait at least an overnight before using them professionally.


The following videos summarize all the above mentioned recommendations: