6; 7 strings Bass viol set

Why should I choose beef gut?

The use of beef gut as alternative to lamb gut dates back to the first half of the last century.

Beef gut allow a high level of standardization of produced strings that we only offer smooth and varnished.

This kind of material meets the needs of all who are looking mainly for reliability, certainty, great durabilty, limitate alteration due to climatic changes, and tuning resistance even in case of high atmospheric humidity. On the other hand, they are not suggested for those who aim mainly to the historicity and quality of sound.

Why should I choose unsplit lamb gut?

This type of material is suggested o those who wish to use strings that are strictly made according to the historical procedure and that give the maximum in terms of acoustic performance. Even if these strings are not varnished, we noticed that the use of whole gut, i.e. not cut into strips, still offer a discrete resistance to climatic changes.