Historical gauges requirements


It is not possible to use historical gauges (that are usually thicker) before checking and possibly modifying the angle of the strings on the bridge, that should be “widened” so that the pressure of the bridge on the soundboard is not excessive so to dampen the sound and make the bow attack too difficult (please contact your trusted luthier).

Moreover, according to historical documents (such as Galeazzi, 1792), we suggest that the strings are kept as low as possible on the fretboard, as long as they do not buzz.

Modern strings angle upon the bridge

Baroque strings angle upon the bridge

Baroque Violin historical set

Strings calculated according to pitch 415 Hz. Vibrating string length: 32 cm

The diameters suggested here were the norm for violin setup between the Mid-Eighteenth and the end of the Nineteenth century, as indicated by the rich documentation of that time. In particular, the gauges in normal tension are the same we measured in April 2004, which belonged to Nicolò Paganini. The gut strings suggested in these sets are made of unsplit lamb gut type HU which have a surface only partially smoothed to imitate the old hand smoothing system. Through this method the quantity of damaged surface fibre is considerably reduced compared to the rectified strings made according to today procedure. The advantages consist of greater stability at climatic changes, longer life of the string, better acoustic performance. The fourth string is made according to the directions reported by F. Galeazzi (Rome 1792) and Louis Sphor (1832).

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Violin historical set light tension

66HU66HU - Unsplit gut string0.66 mm120 cm9.70 + VAT
85HU85HU - Unsplit gut string0.85 mm120 cm11.60 + VAT
112HU112HU - Unsplit gut string1.12 mm120 cm18.80 + VAT
16FU16FU - G baroque violin string light tension silver close wound type "FU" historical1.70 mm equivalent gut55 cm29.39 + VAT

Violin historical set normal tension

70HU70HU - Unsplit gut string0.70 mm120 cm9.70 + VAT
88HU88HU - Unsplit gut string0.88 mm120 cm11.60 + VAT
116HU116HU - Unsplit gut string1.16 mm120 cm18.80 + VAT
17FU17FU - G baroque violin string medium tension silver close wound type "FU" historical1.75 mm equivalent gut55 cm29.39 + VAT

Violin historical set superior tension

73HU73HU - Unsplit gut string0.73 mm120 cm9.70 + VAT
91HU91HU - Unsplit gut string0.91 mm120 cm14.60 + VAT
124HU124HU - Unsplit gut string1.24 mm120 cm21.20 + VAT
18FU18FU - G baroque violin string heavy tension silver close wound type "FU" historical1.80 mm equivalent gut55 cm29.39 + VAT