Pardessus Strings in lamb gut

Vibrating string length: 32.5 cmPitch: a' = 392 Hz

The usage of unsplit lamb gut, besides being closer to the historical reality of the string makers of the past, has also led to strings with unexpected superior acoustical and mechanical properties, as compared to those produced with gut strips.

The surface of the HU type strings has been smoothened only to the minimum necessary to ensure that the string is not false; the string is then slightly oiled. Standard length is 120 cm up to diameters of 1.90 mm. Starting from a diameter of 2.00 mm, the standard length changes to 180 mm only.


Gut strings for viola da gamba Pardessus are to be used at the historical French pitch of a’=392 Hz.
They cannot be used with higher pitches (baroque a’=415 Hz; modern a’=440Hz) as the first string would work well beyond the breaking index of the material itself. For more information, see the article on the FL Product


In the below tables, for each note the string in medium tension is shown first, followed by the string in high tension.

Choose which strings to install

If you prefer to arrange your set by selecting the precise diameters you can add the single strings from the tables below, where the recommended diameters are shown. An increase in diameter corresponds to an increase in tension.

To choose any diameter in complete freedom, we suggest you to refer to the summary pages for  Unsplit lamb gut “HU” strings and Close wound “FU” strings (pure silver winding on unsplit lamb gut cores)

Possible Pardessus g-Strings

44HU44HU - Unsplit gut string0.44 mm120 cm5.80 + VAT
46HU46HU - Unsplit gut string0.46 mm120 cm6.30 + VAT

Possible Pardessus d-Strings

56HU56HU - Unsplit gut string0.56 mm120 cm7.40 + VAT
58HU58HU - Unsplit gut string0.58 mm120 cm7.40 + VAT

Possible Pardessus a-Strings

73HU73HU - Unsplit gut string0.73 mm120 cm9.70 + VAT
76HU76HU - Unsplit gut string0.76 mm120 cm11.60 + VAT

Possible Pardessus e-Strings

94HU94HU - Unsplit gut string0.94 mm120 cm14.60 + VAT
97HU97HU - Unsplit gut string0.97 mm120 cm14.60 + VAT

Possible Pardessus C-Strings

120HU120HU - Unsplit gut string1.20 mm120 cm21.20 + VAT
124HU124HU - Unsplit gut string1.24 mm120 cm21.20 + VAT

Possible Pardessus G-Strings

97FU97FU - G pardessus medium tension silver close wound type "FU"1.60 mm equivalent gut60 cm29.39 + VAT
98FU98FU - G pardessus heavy tension silver close wound type "FU"1.65 mm equivalent gut60 cm29.39 + VAT