Renaissance Bass strings in beef gut

Vibrating string length: 74 cm

Smooth gut strings with varnished surface The varnish we used does not come as casualty but as the result of a careful selection to ensure perfect compatibility with the elasticity of the gut, a perfect contact with the hairs of your bow , maximum protection to mechanical wear, to crease and stability to humidity changes. These strings have a varnished surface in the range of diameters from .38 mm to 1.70 mm. Starting from a diameter of 1.90 mm, the strings are simply oiled. Starting from a diameter of 2.00 mm the standard length will be 180 cm only.


In the following tables, for each note it will be first displayed the string in medium tension, followed by the one in strong tension.

Choose which strings to install

If you prefer to arrange your set by selecting the precise diameters you can add the single strings from the tables below, where the recommended diameters are shown. An increase in diameter corresponds to an increase in tension.

Otherwise, if you prefer to choose any diameter freely, we suggest you go to the overview pages of the Beef gut strings type HV and the Venice gut roped strings “V” type

Possible Renaissance Bass D-Strings

73HV73HV - Varnished gut string0.73 mm120 cm8.80 + VAT
76HV76HV - Varnished gut string0.76 mm120 cm8.80 + VAT

Possible Renaissance Bass A-Strings

91HV91HV - Varnished gut string0.91 mm120 cm13.30 + VAT
94HV94HV - Varnished gut string0.94 mm120 cm13.30 + VAT

Possible Renaissance Bass E-Strings

120HV120HV - Varnished gut string1.20 mm120 cm19.30 + VAT
124HV124HV - Varnished gut string1.24 mm120 cm19.30 + VAT

Possible Renaissance Bass C-Strings

150HV150HV - Varnished gut string1.50 mm120 cm21.90 + VAT
155HV155HV - Varnished gut string1.55 mm120 cm21.90 + VAT

Possible Renaissance Bass G-Strings

220V220V - Venice gut string2.20 mm120 cm37.80 + VAT
240V240V - Venice gut string2.40 mm120 cm45.10 + VAT

Possible Renaissance Bass D-Strings

280V280V - Venice gut string2.80 mm120 cm54.70 + VAT
300V300V - Venice gut string3.20 mm120 cm60.70 + VAT