Aquila on the frontline for the Covid-19 emergency: from strings to 3D wires for ventilators components

Twenty-five kilograms of 3d wire for ventilators in Monza, seventy-five in Bergamo, forty-two in Rome.

All this happened in just a few days, without yet fully understanding the importance of what is happening, but driven by a crazy, powerful energy pouring out of his heart, knowing he can help his country.

This is the story of Mimmo Peruffo, manufacturer of guitar strings in Caldogno, Italy (the town of Roberto Baggio), who found himself to be the only one in Italy to produce the wire needed by 3D printers to make valves for diving masks converted into ventilators.

Click here to read the complete article by Ilaria Floris for ADN KRONOS



Here Mimmo’s interview for TVA VICENZA:

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