CantoMundi – From Friday 12 to Sunday 14 May 2023 – Gennevilliers France

We will have our own booth at the fair: CantoMundi – Gennevilliers France


From Friday 12 to Sunday 14 May 2023
Three days of exhibitions by luthiers and professionals in the field of early and traditional music await a wide and varied audience.
Conceived as one of Europe’s major international exhibitions of early music instruments, the CantoMundi Fair will feature around a hundred exhibitors in a 1000m² exhibition space.
It brings together professionals and enthusiasts from the world of early and traditional music in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and invites those unfamiliar with these repertoires to come and discover them.


“From the source to the ear”

A salon and exclusive acoustic concerts without microphones Both ancient and traditional music share a common pursuit of original timbre and unusual sound colors that defy our habitual listening… and would be lost if filtered through a microphone.
CantoMundi joins musicians who advocate for the preservation of living and dynamic roots. Ancient and traditional music needs to be heard in the intimacy of a direct encounter with sound—a true sound—straight from the source to the ear.
To allow the flower of ancient and traditional music to blossom, attention must be given to their roots… and roots need shade.
Here, the timbre of an instrument is like a fragrance that travels directly from the flower to the nose. At CantoMundi, music will travel from the instrument to the ear without passing through laborious wires and filters.