Details referring to the guitar belonging to Giuseppe Mazzini, kept at the “Museo del Risorgimento” in Genoa

Technical data:

Author: Gennaro Fabricatore, Naples

Instrument: guitar

Dimensions: cm 93 x29x10

Date: 1821, Naples, Strada San Giacomo 42

Owner: Municipality of Genoa, Comune di Genova, Istituto Mazziniano – Museo del Risorgimento

Place of Conservation and Exhibition: Museo del Risorgimento, Via Lomellini 11, 16124 Genoa


The guitar was donated to the Museum of the Risorgimento in Genoa in 1933 by Josephine Shaen, daughter of William Shaen, friend and biographer of Giuseppe Mazzini, so that it could be kept in the Museo del Risorgimento.

The instrument is in a good state of preservation and is played periodically as part of events of particular historical and artistic interest, and by artists of national and international importance.

With Determinazione dirigenziale 2016-138.7.0.-57 del Comune di Genova-Direzione Cultura – Settore Musei e Biblioteche, the two-year assignment awarded to Maestro Scanu was renewed, for periodic musical performances, functional to the enhancement of the historic instrument that belonged to Giuseppe Mazzini.

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