10 string guitar set according to Yepes

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Yepes tuning F#G#A#CEADgbe for 10-strings Classical guitar (65-66 cm scale)



F#G#A#CEADgbe tuning for 10-strings Classical guitar (65-66 cm scale)

This special tuning was conceived by Spanish classical guitarist Narciso Yepes, considered one of the finest virtuoso of the twentieth century, and is used on a 10-string guitar. The real extension of this tuning of the tuning is that of a 7-string, with the seventh string being the lowest and the remaining (8th to 10th) using a re-entrant tuning, as shown on the following image (source Wikipedia).


Accordatura Yepes per chitarra a 10 corde
Yepes tuning for for 10-strings Classical guitar (public domain image)

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