Rayon 800 basses

7.00 + VAT

The best modern version of the wound silk basses for the historical guitar – but not only!

As it is well known, guitar basses before 1950 used silk cores instead of Nylon cores. The sound produced by this type of strings is very interesting and differs significantly from the typical low strings made from multifilament Nylon cores.  However, the use of silk, which is a natural material, involves problems such as the risk of not having perfect intonation, instability due to changes in humidity, and finally a tendency to string breakages.

During our tests on innovative materials, we came across a special red colored multifilament, that we called ‘Rayon‘, which has the same acoustic properties as silk, but without the natural irregularities and tendency to breakages, that make silk basses so delicate.  The balance between metal and core is such that it exactly recreates the typical sound of silk.



Rayon 800 basses are also used on the Ambra 2000 light tension set


Tensions and gauges

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