16 Series A + E

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Synthetic core covered with a flat copper wire. For pizzicato and occasionally bow. Medium sustain.

Pizzicato 16 Series A

Pizzicato 16 Series E

Archetto 16 Series A

Archetto 16 Series E


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Series 16

This A and E bass strings set – which works both with the bow and pizzicato, although they are not recommended for professional use in symphony orchestras, where the use of the bow is almost exclusively required – is made of flat copper wire wrapped around a synthetic core.

Even though ‘Series 16’ has the same working tension of ‘Series 22’, it features more sustain than the latter, while still maintaining a noticeable percussive effect

Having more sustain, these basses fit best the G and D strings of the following sets: ‘Red Springs Synthetic‘ and ‘Red Springs Metal’.

diametro / gauge tensione / tension
(mm) (in) (kg) (lb)
3 A 2,05 0,081 24,4 53,80
4 E 2,40 0,094 21,1 46,53

Audio samples

Pizzicato 16 Series A

Pizzicato 16 Series E

Bowed 16 Series A

Bowed 16 Series E

All samples are digitally recorded with Pro Tools. No effects, just pure sound, Schoeps cm5 stereo condenser microphones with True system preamplifier.
Thanks to Dino Contenti

Suggested G + D pair

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