DOUBLE BASS SUGAR SLAPS for Rockabilly / Bluegrass

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The Sugar Slaps set is special: it is composed of only unwound strings



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The Sugar Slaps set is special: this was made possible by a combination of innovative materials, including a plant-derived plastic used for the third string, loaded with micronised copper powder. The first two are made of a special elastomer. The fourth string is made with a special red-colored protective varnish that not only assures less noise under the fingers, but it also prevents allergic reactions to metals, and the unwanted oxidation processes that frequently occur on common strings with silver plated copper winding.

The result is a percussive, full-bodied sounding set, with just the right amount of sustain and rapid bounce on the keyboard. These strings are therefore especially suitable for the Rockabilly style and also for pizzicato.

They are not suitable strings for bow use.

diametro / gauge tensione / tension
(mm) (in) (kg) (lb)
1 G 2,30 0,092 23,0 50,94
2 D 2,90 0,115 20,0 44,32
3 A 3,00 0,118 19,0 41,89
4 E 3,80 0,149 18,0 39,68

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