Red Series

Red series for historical Neapolitan Mandolin

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This set has been designed for Historical or Baroque Mandolin, and is not recommended on 19th century mandolins typically designed for metal strings setups. Please do not install on Country Mandolin.

Our set for MANDOLINO NAPOLETANO RED SERIES for the first time introduces strings that are produced with a revolutionary technique, never adopted before: instead of changing the diameters of the strings that make up the set, the specific weight of each strings is modified using metal powders, keeping the diameter as much as possible unchanged.

It is known that, in order to reach the lowest frequencies, it is necessary to increase the diameter of the string. But as the diameter increases, there is also a harmful increase in its internal damping, therefore the string becomes less bright and prompt, getting more and more ‘muffled’. We all know the great difference in sound quality between the first and third string of the guitar. With our revolutionary approach, instead of acting on the diameter, we act on the specific weight of each string, progressively increasing it.

The result is impressive: instruments sound brighter, more powerful and more responsive through the entire range of the fret board, and strings keep their intonation better (it is well known that thicker strings need to be fretted harder, pulling them further out of tune).

RED SERIES sets provide superior performance over traditional strings for musicians who love bright sounds and powerful voicing across the full scale of the instrument.

Why may strings have different tones in color?

In order to optimize the performance of each string of the set, different percentages of metal powder are used. For this reason, the color between each string may vary slightly.

If you are interested in reconstructions of sets for historical Mandolins, more information can be found in our Early Music section – Mandolin  

The strings inside the package are labeled according to the following legend: 1e=RED; 2a=BLUE; 3D=GREEN; 4G=WHITE


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