Special tunings for Classical Guitar

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The Orchestra series represent our best answer to musicians who wish to expand the possibilities of the classical guitar and set it free from the mere role of soloist or duets / quartets etc where all the guitars have the same tuning (for educational purposes, compositions etc). All this is achieved without having to buy a new instrument, but using the ones already available. Guitar sets of  Orchestra series indeed have the peculiarity of being designed to be installed on traditional guitar. Starting from now, it is no longer necessary to have, for example, a terz guitar, an acoustic bass guitar, etc. This solution allows low costs (a point certainly appreciated by schools and musical institutions) and simplicity of installation: by changing the set – keeping the same instrument – you can expand the musical range of the guitar covering the entire range of a Symphonic Orchestra (From Double Bass to Violin).

To achieve the Violin range, use the High-B set placing a capo at 5th fret; as an alternative, it is possible to use a Guilele with our high-E set cod. 145C installed.

The many advantages of this series range from musical education, to concerts, to contemporary composers.



IMPORTANT: There’s no need to widen the hole on the bridge or on the machine-heads for the 6th bass string of the Low-E tuning set.

String Tension for High-B, High-A, High-G, Low-A, Low-E tunings

String Tension
1 9.6 Kg
2 8.1 Kg
3 7.5 Kg
4 7.8 Kg
5 8.5 Kg
6 7.5 Kg


How to install the 6th string of the Low-E set



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