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We are away  from October 10 till 18  at the China Music 2012 in Shangai. We are not able to answer you till the date of October 18.  In any case we are able to receive your order.

For urgent comunications:
+39 338 9947243

Thank you very much
Mimmo Peruffo (chairman & founder)

Siamo via  tra il 9 e 18 Ottobre a China Music in Shangai. Possiamo ricevere le ordinazioni ma non possiamo rispondere alle vostre domande fino al giorno  18 Ottobre senza alcuna eccezione.
per comunicazioni urgenti:
+39 338 9947243
Mimmo Peruffo



July 2012

Gut strings are now available. thank you very much  for your patience


June 02

We are pleased to announce that the new low G Aquila ukulele strings Red Series for ukulele are now available for distribution.
Red Series strings are certainly one of the greatest inventions of our company. For the first time in history (since the 17th century almost) , wound strings can be replaced with a deeply hi-tech loadecd string, which offers at the same time high-density and elasticity


March 02

The gut strings (HT HR, Venice, C tyype, Frets, wound strings) are in stop production. We are not  able to do a prevision  when we will be able to re-start with the regular production: We are sorry for the incovenience

January 15

We are at NAMM Show, Los Angeles  -CA

January 10,  2012

We would like to inform our customers that the restart of our gut strings production will require a certain period of time needed to find first of all raw material that meets our quality criteria and then for re-establishing our stock ( we need probably some 3- 4 months)

November 14- 2011

We regret to inform our customers that the production of gut strings is closed both for bad quality of raw material, that since some months is sold to us, and for the strict European legislation, and therefore also Italian, that forbids the production and use of gut  and prohibits not only the use of Italian or European gut , but also the import of raw material extra EU.

October 2011

We are away  from October 09 till 16  2011 at the China music fair at Shanghaii. I am not able to answer you directly till the date of 16. Of course, our secretary is able to receive and process your order.



New Aquila sets:

Guilele/ Guitalele, Requinto, Lauta, Viola Caipira, Guitarrico, Bass Ukulele

08 till 11 September 2011: Aquila will be close for local festivity


02 till 05 June 2011: Aquila will be close for national holiday


20 November  2010

The new Bionylon Ukulele sets are now in production

18 November  2010

The new NGH harp string types  are now  in production

12-14 November  2010

We are at the Greenwich Early Music Festival


October  2010

Coming soon! the new ukulele Bionylon strings ( after December 2010 everywere)


October  2010

We would like to inform all our customers that, due to some works required for enlarging our company (new machineries, etc.) we are compelled to stop production of loaded strings type "C", approximately until middle November 2010. We are really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.



September 2010

New fax number +39 0444 986777



September 2010

The Early Music's NEW NYLGUT:  this is our improved version than first, famous white Nylgut:  the New Nylgut stretch less;  the colour is similar to gut;   it is stronger than the white Nylgut



July 2010

The NEW NYLGUT for modern instruments is here! It is a better than our first, famous version:  it stretch less;  the colour is less milked, it is stronger; it is perfectly smooth, polished like the common Nylon strings. Racomanded  for Ukuleles, Classical Guitas, Classic Banjos, Charango etc.



July 2010


title:  'Le montature di corda per chitarra nella storia e nella pratica odierna'



June 2010

The BIONYLON is here; the first ecofriendly musical string in the world developed by Aquila! (it is for a 70% a plant's derivate; 50% less of carbon dioxide in atmosphere)



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