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Our company produces strings  in big quantities according to industrial criteria, in form of standard of 2,000 strings per bundle having all the same diameter.
All this was made possible thanks to our three extruder plants with laser control for checking the  gauge and roundness of the finished product.
Capacity: 300,000 single ukulele strings per day; 100,000 single guitar strings per day

These are our standard products:


Aquila Nylgut (the most famous)  for Ukuleles.  White colour

bulknyl bulk





Aquila BIONYLON: It is a special Nylon 100% plant- derivate. The first ecofriendy product in ther world. Suitable for Ukulele and Classical Guitars. Mellow and warm performances. Ukulele strings: pearl colour. Guitar strings: gut colour




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          AQUILA UFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR  (FOR CHINA; TAIWAN; HONG KONG)








Aquila Thundergut strings (elastic plastic with superior characteristics compared to the common black polyurethane and silicone rubber strings).  Suitable for Bass ukuleles


Advice: these strings are designed for 18 till 21 inch scale only! 

Do not install them on longer scales





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