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Caldogno, November 29- 2011

 The Ministry of Health, Department of Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety, with praiseworthy promptness and courtesy has announced today a series of measures aimed to finally solve the situation of Italian string makers.

The first intervention allows to finally be able to import from some European and not-European countries ( not BSE free) the raw material required to produce gut strings.

The second intervention finally opens the possibility to use also Italian beef gut after nearly 20 years of total stop.

We already informed the other Italian string makers of this important news.

We warmly thank all the friends that rose protest to the Italian authorities both by petitions, by e-mail and other legal means.

We thank the Ministry of Health for having quickly listened to rightful claims and proceeded to find final solutions.

We bring all our support to the initiative (petition) that asks that String Making Art is recognized as a World Heritage under UNESCO protection.

We would like to inform our customers that the restart of our gut strings production will require a certain period of time needed to find first of all raw material that meets our quality criteria and then for re-establishing our stock (maybe June 2012 , however we are not sure

We will inform in our website when gut strings will be available again

Greetings and thanks again for your valuable support

Mimmo Peruffo






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