About Aquila Corde Armoniche Srl
" ... the best came tu us of Almaigne, on this side
the toune of Munic, and from AQUILA in Italie...."

Adrian Le Roy
( "A briefe and plaine instruction ..." London 1574 )



Picture nr. 1 : Christopher Weigel:  "Der Saitenmacher", Regensburg 1698
Picture nr. 2 : Giordano Riccati "Delle Corde Ovvero Fibre Elastiche..." II half of the 18th C.
Picture nr. 3 : Capirola Lute book:  "Secreto da ligar le corde sul Lauto..." 1517 ca.
Picture nr. 4 : Paduan Stringmaker's proclamation; 1785 year.
Picture nr. 5 : Neapolitan Stringmaker's Statute; 1653 year
Picture nr. 6 :  Canaletto, XVIIIth century: Piazza San Marco
Picture nr. 7 : Piazza San Marco today





About Aquila Corde Armoniche Srl


Gut strings were already produced in Padoa, Verona, Venice, Treviso and Vicenza since the beginning of the 17th century.

Documents of the time show that such production lasted uninterruptedly well into the 20th century.

Locally produced strings, thanks to their superior quality, were exported abroad in big quantity, as proven by numerous recently discovered archival sources.

Our products are wholly produced in house in Vicenza (60 Km far from Venice), to individual requirements, beginning from fresh gut, respecting and reviving the old tradition.

With this catalogue we would like to introduce our complete range of strings and propose some favorable sales conditions; we would also like to offer you any advice and technical assistance you may require.

In order to grant maximum clarity and simplicity the catalogue is made up of tables illustrating general characteristics, field of applications, prices and any further suggestions about each item.

On the basis of our experience and deep know-how in the field of ancient and modern gut processing techniques we believe that only if we take inspiration from the tradition of the great string-makers of the past it becomes possible to recover the magic of sound that only gut, of all materials, can offer us: the imitation of the human voice.

The discoveries of the past few years, among which the gut loading process and  the Nylgut®, ; the Silkgut®; the Bionylon®; the Thundergut®  that we at AQUILA's first developed, allowed us to build a bridge into the future by developing natural gut and synthetic strings with totally innovative acoustic and technological properties.

The future of music has always proceeded through the strings.

Vivi felice

Mimmo Peruffo



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