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1) First  thing to do, is to check our catalog in the section you wish (Early Music Strings, Modern Instruments Strings, Musical Monofilament Production, Researches), then choose the product you need.

In the case of products for Early Music you will find both single strings and string sets for bow instruments that we already calculated.

2) Write down the code for each product and the quantity required and write them in  this  Order Form

4) If you cannot find what you need, please contact us using this form dedicated exclusively to questions (and not to orders, please)

5) Finally, remember to actually read our sales conditions in order to avoid possible misunderstandings or confusion.

Useful suggestions to speed up delivery

a) Avoid, if possible, to modify, or add items to, the original order

b) Early Music only: except for the bowed string quartet, always specify string length and pitch (415, 440 or other)

c) Specify, if possible, the diameters of the strings presently in use, adding any useful comments about their performance and your wishes

d) As far as possible, work out your desired stringing in advance (lutes)

e) Make sure you order types of strings and diameters actually present in the Aquila catalogue

f) Fill out your order in a rational and easy to read form

g) Custom made strings: please make sure you keep note of the diameters and other special features in a safe place

h) Early Music only: Violone, Bassetto, etc: beside string length please indicate also the distance between string holder and peg

i) Always provide your VAT number and a reliable phone number or email address


The manufacture of strings diverging from our standard production always causes a longer delivery time: we suggest therefore you place your orders well in advance, according to your professional needsTry and avoid, as far as possible, to run into situations of urgency: owing to our production cycles we cannot guarantee we will alway be able to meet your needs





3) How to Pay:   go here
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