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Minimum order

 40 euros (VAT non included)


These strings consist of a Nylgut® multifilament core (characterized by a remarkable stability in climatic changes) with copper wires over-varnished. Diameters: from 1.00 to 2.50 mm, expressed in equivalent solid gut.

These strings were specifically designed for the deep basses of archlutes, d minor-lutes, theorbos with shortened extention, but also for the basses of regular Renaissance and Baroque lutes, if you prefer a more fundamental oriented sound. The innovative characteristic of our DE strings lies in the fact that they were specifically conceived to best reproduce the timbric and acoustical qualities of our C type loaded gut strings, which are strongly fundamental oriented. Standard Length: 140 cm.


To keep calculations simple and make it possible to use any available string-calculator, C type loaded gut strings, as well as wound Nylgut ones D and DE types, are referred to by a letter following a number indicating the equivalent diameter of a plain gut string. E. g. "140 C" or "140D"stands for strings (indicated by the letter "C" or "D") corresponding to a plain gut string 1.40 mm. in diameter. The actual diameter of the strings is, of course, smaller but under playing conditions it will have the same working tension as a plain gut string of 140 mm. diameter at equal pitch.


Conversion tables (between wound strings of different brands, Nylgut, PVF, Nylon, Gut strings)

105 cm length: .75 % of the table's prices
160 cm length: extra charge of 20%
180 cm length: extra charge of 40 %

PRICES L = 140 cm

100 DE 5.20
104 DE 5.20
108 DE 5.20
112 DE 5.20
116 DE 5.20
120 DE 5.20
124 DE 5.20
128 DE 4.80
132 DE 4.80
136 DE 4.80
140 DE 4.80
145 DE 4.80
150 DE 4.80
155 DE 4.80
160 DE 4.80
165 DE 4.80
170 DE 4.80
180 DE 4.80
190 DE 4.80
200 DE 4.80
210 DE 4.80
220 DE 4.80
230 DE 4.80
240 DE 4.80
250 DE 4.80



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