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Aquila bassi arpa stile impero

Empire Period Harp Bass Wound Strings

It can be mounted on these instruments

 arpa stile impero

Historical Harp


Since the begginning og the XIX century harps employed silk wound bass strings.
This is why the old fashion harp bass strings produce a so different sound than the modern ones, made with nylon multifilaments.
The development of a new synthetic material that can imitate the acoustical characteristics of silk but without some typical defects such as, for example, the instability to changes of climate, has always been a fundamental goal of our research.
The Nylgut® multifilament represents the fruit of this research: Nylgut®’s multifilaments has the same silk’s density.
Other strong points of Nylgut® are its’ elevated resistance under tension -greater than silk- but even more important is its extraordinary immunity to changes of climate, considerable superior to that of nylon and gut, thereby guarantying an insuperable stability of tuning under normal conditions.

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PRICES FOR Empire Period Harp Bass Wound Strings (calculated for a’-415 Hz.)

Minimum order: 50 euros excluding IVA / VAT / TAV (except UE customers)

Not String lenght (cm) External gauge (mm) CODE (Equivalent gut -gauge) Euros excluding IVA-VAT-TVA (except for non-EU customers)
D 1 160 2,15 mm 420 AR 24,00
E 1 160 2,10 mm 400 AR 24,00
F 1 160 2,00 mm red 370 AR 24,00
G 1 160 1,88 mm 360 AR 24,00
A 1 160 1,76 mm 330 AR 24,00
B 1 160 1,66 mm 290 AR 24,00
C 2 160 1,58 mm red 260 AR 24,00
D 2 160 1,50 mm 240 AR 24,00
E 2 160 1,45 mm 230 AR 24,00
F 2 160 1,42 mm 210 AR 24,00