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Cello da spalla

I can use these strings

Corda in Budello HT HR
HR gut (demi-rectified oiled strings)
Double silver wound “F”
Corda in Budello HT HR

HV gut (varnished gut strings)

Aquila pece per archi

Bow rosin

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For more information read our FAQ and also Cello da Spalla String – project

PRICES FOR CELLO DA SPALLA STRINGS (Calculated for a pitch standard of 415 Hz)

Minimum order: 50 euros excluding IVA / VAT / TAV (except UE customers)

ATTENTION: the vibrating string length not exceeding 45 cm worth breaking the strings.
Note string type string length (cm) Vibrating string lenght (cm) Euros excluding IVA-VAT-TVA (except for non-EU customers) Tension
e HR gut 120 42-45 11,60 104 HR
a HR gut 120 42-45 16,80 136 HR
d Silver wound F 42-45 25,00 Medium (190 equiv gut)
Code 67F
G Silver wound F 42-45 32,00 Medium (280 equiv gut)
Code 69F
C Silver double  wound F * 42-45 35,00 Medium (430 equiv gut)
Code 71F

* double wound bass strings were mentioned by J. B. Forqueray (1765 ca)