String Making

HOW IT’S MADE: How Gut Strings are made

Bosko & Honey’s UKULELE SAFARI 2008

Mimmo Peruffo and Daniela Gaidano guide Bosko & Honey around their workshop… showing the process of making genuine gut strings, and Mimmo demonstrates how he makes wound strings by hand!
The Nylgut strings are also made by Aquila, but here we only see the finished product (look out for what’s in the garage!).

Mimmo Peruffo & Stefano Grondona (Super Quark)

The Italian string maker Mimmo Peruffo (Aquila Corde Armoniche) and the guitar player Stefano Grondona, speak us about how and why the gut strings are so important nowadays.
(Italian audio but English subtitles available).

Historical gut stringmaking: the splitting horn

These are the first immages in the world concerning some phases of the historical gut string manufacturing teached us by some elderly italian stringmakers of the Abruzzi’s region (Center Italy) in the 2008 and 2009 years. There is a strict connection with the historical sources of the 18 and 19th centuries.