Giorno; Giugno 15, 2023

Music China – From 11 to 14 October 2023 – Shanghai China

We will be visiting the Music China.

Music China – From 11 to 14 October 2023 – Shanghai China

Cremona Musica - from 22nd to 24th September 2023 - Cremona Italy

We will have our own booth at the fair: Cremona Experience - Cremona Italy - Piazza Zelioli Lanzini, 1 - 26100 Cremona

Cremona Experience

Vivi insieme a noi l'esperienza musicale Cremona Musica.

Cremona Musica 2023 è un evento musicale di grande importanza, che si svolgerà nella bellissima città di Cremona. La manifestazione è diventata un appuntamento fisso per gli amanti della musica classica e contemporanea provenienti da tutto il mondo. Durante l’evento, verranno presentati spettacoli di artisti di fama internazionale, che eseguiranno brani di musica classica, jazz e pop.

Il programma di Cremona Musica 2023 è ricco e variegato, e comprenderà concerti, esibizioni di solisti e orchestre, oltre a performance di strumenti musicali moderni. La città di Cremona durante i tre giorni di manifestazione offre anche molte opportunità per scoprire la sua storia e la sua tradizione musicale. Durante l’evento infatti saranno organizzati tour guidati nei luoghi più importanti di Cremona, come il Museo del Violino, per conoscere da vicino la città e la sua cultura.

Cremona Musica 2023 è un evento che offre un’esperienza unica e indimenticabile per gli amanti della musica.

The Raphael Mest Lute a musical gem - 16th September 2023 - Linköping Sweden

We are pleased to present the event “THE RAPHAEL MEST LUTE A MUSICAL GEM” September 16th 2023 – Linköping Library auditorium Sweden

The Raphael Mest lute’s

The 12 course lute of the Linkoping library is a unique case among all surviving historical lutes: in it there are in fact fragments of strings that could most likely date back to the 18th century: more precisely, these are open-wound strings on a gut core (exactly like those indicated by le Coq in 1729 concerning the five-course guitar or for Violin by Brossard 1708 and Laborde 1782), The open wound strings, or demifileè fell into disuse towards the end of the 18th century. The rather long finding of a 1st gut string is interesting: if it is original it can be a Minikin? Following a string survey completed in 2018, it was then decided to have an exact replica of the instrument, which will be donated to the library where the original instrument is kept. In conjunction with the event of handing over the instrument, it was also planned to organize a small symposium with several speakers that will be followed by a short concert.

September 16th 2023 – 14.00 – 17.30

Kenneth Sparr

14.00 – 14.45
‘A Lute by Raphael Mest in Sweden’

Anthony Bailes

14.45 – 15.30
‘The Rise and Fall of the Twelve-Course Lute – the Raphael Mest Lute in context’

Mimmo Peruffo
String maker and Researcher

15.45- 16.30
‘The string’s fragments of the Raphael Mest lute: what we can say?’

Antonio Dattis

16.30 – 17.15
‘The making of a copy of the lute by Raphael Mest, Padua 1633’

September 16th 2023 – ​12.00 – 13.00

Jakob Lindberg – Anna Lander

Anna Ander – voice | Jakob Lindberg – 12 course lutes

William Lawes: Why so pale and wan young lover
Henry Lawes: Chloris now thou art fled
William Lawes: I am sick of love
Jacques Gaultier: Allemande-Courante-Sarabande
Michele Lambert: Ombres de mon amant – Vos mepris, chaque jour
From Otto Fredrik Stålhammar’s lutebook: Air (Losy) – March de Narva – Sjö combat – Jag ledz vid verlden – Hammarsmeden – La belle homicide (Gaultier) – Chaconne (Losy)
Pelham Humphrey: Oh, that I had but a fine man
Henry Purcell: She loves and confesses too – What a sad fate – Dear pretty youth
From Balcarres Lute Book : Sweet Willie – A Scots tune – I will have my gown made – Katherine Ogie – I love my love in secret – Love is the cause of my mourning – My Nannies
John Eccles: I burn, my brain consumes to ashes – Find me a lonely cave