1) Introduction

These general sales conditions ( “Sales Conditions”) fix terms and conditions of sale of products sold by Aquila Corde Srl. The sale is ruled by these Sales Conditions that should be considered integral and essential part of the contract of sale. Sales conditions applied to your order are those in force at the date of your order.

READ CAREFULLY: By placing an order according to one of the possible options, the Customer confirms having read all information provided by “Sales Conditons” and full acceptance of general and payment conditions transcribed below.

All published prices do not include VAT (Value Added Tax).

The points of this contract preceded by “READ CAREFULLY” must be taken in particular consideration by Customer

2) Language

The language used for placing orders shall be exclusively either Italian or English. Aquila Corde Srl reserves the right to refuse orders written in other languages.

3) Minimum order

Orders will be accepted according to following minimum amounts: Eur 40,00 for Early Music strings only.

4) Prices

Prices shown on our website are indicative and are subject to change without notice. Our prices also do not include freight and packaging costs.

5) Our products are not provided on trial

Although Aquila’s employees can provide some information on product characteristics, it is the Customer who is responsible for choosing the right items, in compliance with the specifications set by each manufacturer and according to his/her own personal requirements.

6) Receipt of orders sent by e-mail

If your order is received correctly, you will receive an automatic reply by Aquila Corde Srl to the e-mail address you indicated. In order to speed up processing of your order, you are kindly requested to write always your full address (complete of ZIP code), telephone, e-mail, tax information (providing a valid VAT No. if available)

7) Order processing

Every purchase order sent to Aquila Corde Srl shall be complete in all parts and contain all the elements necessary for correct identification of the items ordered (use our product codes and specify quantity required). Each order for products sent to Aquila Corde Srl is indeed a customer contract proposal and, therefore, will be binding for Aquila Corde Srl only if confirmed for acceptance. Fulfilment of the order by Aquila Corde Srl corresponds to confirmation and acceptance thereof. We will do our best in order to fulfil your orders soonest possible. Processing timing depends on way of payment chosen by the customer, quickness of payment arrangement and , of course, on the availability on stock of ordered strings or related production time (10 days on average for gut strings).

Delivery time may however be longer because of following reasons:
a) original order was amended or integrated afterwards
b) you required strings for a special musical instrument or for which correct gauges were not known (that in this case should be carefully calculated)
c) your address was incomplete or incorrect ( or fiscal number, required for Italian customers only since January 2007,was missing )
d) a valid telephone number was not indicated (required for express courier deliveries)
e) we temporarily run out of stock of some products which require a long and hard working process/manufacturing (gut strings)
f) your order was temporarily placed on a waiting list, because of many previous orders
g) due to a postal service inefficiency (it happens on average twice a month and cannot be considered our responsibility)

READ CAREFULLY: Any delay in delivery does not entitle the Customer to refuse delivery of products or to claim damages or indemnity unless in case of special agreements.

8) Incomplete or incorrect orders

Aquila Corde Armoniche Srl reserves the right not to accept incomplete orders, not filled out correctly, or not using our product codes. It is not foreseen any right of the Customer to damages or compensation, and any contractual or extra contractual liability for direct or indirect damages caused to people or things, caused by rejection, even partial, of the order.

9) Customer’s behavior towards our staff

Aquila Corde Armoniche Srl reserves the right temporarily or even permanently discontinue all relations with customers in case of attitudes with manifest aggression, irritating or disrespectful in verbal or written form towards our staff, even in cases where there is genuine reason by the customer. We believe indeed that every problem can be solved peacefully with full respect of our and your work.

10) Quantity Discounts

  • Individual orders exceeding EUR 155.00 up to 260:  10% discount. .
  • Individual orders exceeding EUR 261.00 up to 520:  20% discount..
  • Individual orders over Euro 521.00:  25% discount.

Discounts for stores and distributors : these discounts must always be required when ordering.

READ CAREFULLY: We are not supposed to amend the invoice if the discount is asked after the shipping. For every new order please remember to state the latest discount granted.

For new shops or distributors: we foreseen a trial period of 8 months to check corresponding of applied discount to actual sales volume

Luthiers Discount: we do not apply special discounts luthiers, but quantity discounts only (negotiable).

11) Warranty

We replace or refund immediately and without any additional cost for packaging and shipping any defective strings that may have escaped our checks no later than thirty days after the delivery date and upon return of defective material. Please specify if you prefer refund or replacement. The warranty does not cover products that are misused or not applied according to foreseen conditions of use. In case of products actually proved to be defective, they can be replaced without charging the supplier of any kind of responsibility for any direct or indirect damages. Replacement requests must be sent in written form to Aquila Corde Srl to This e-mail address is protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript to view it. The customer is supposed to send the goods back to the address on our site. We cannot guarantee any replacement in case our product is technically well done and not damaged, but you are not satisfied with the sound of our strings or those we made following your precise instructions.


Once the material is ready for dispatch you will be contacted from our office via e-mail or telephone in order to understand your most convenient method of payment.


Once your order will be ready, you will receive a link via e-mail of secure data communication of your credit card at our bank.

Warning: do not ever send via email the details of your credit card!

In case of payment by credit card, together with the completion of online transaction, the bank will authorize only the amount of the purchase. The amount of the processed goods will be charged to your credit card when goods are delivered. Accepted credit cards are all those who support Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

In case you use American Express card ,we remind you that the delivery address of the goods must match with that of the goods declared at the time of issuing of the card, otherwise you should contact the call center at 06-72280371 to authorize American Express ship to different address.

WARNING: If you pay using a Carta Moneta by Banca Intesa you shall have activated the service Money Online. For details please visit


SWIFT: UNCRITM 1Q43; IBAN: IT89W0200811811000010040512 headed to AQUILA CORDE ARMONICHE Srl



Swift code: BPAAIT2B; IBAN IT 81 B058 5611 8011 9457 1020 669 headed to AQUILA CORDE ARMONICHE Srl


WARNING: wait for our message with the total amount before making any payment

After that you can send the payment to the Paypal account



13) Transaction Security

Online transactions are made by credit card directly on the site of the Bank through a secure server that adopts the system of protection SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This protocol, certified Verisign allow communication in a way designed to prevent any case of interception, alteration or falsification. Aquila Corde Armoniche Sas dose not receive any information concerning the data of credit cards used by their customers.

At no time of the purchase Aquila Corde Srl is able to know any information about the buyer’s credit card, as they are typed directly at the bank handling the transaction (with very high security systems); since there are no data, there is the possibility that this data is intercepted. No archive of Aquila Corde Srl contains or maintains such data. In no event Aquila Corde ArmonicheSrl may therefore be liable for any fraudulent use of credit cards and unfair third party.

READ CAREFULLY: Never send your credit card details by email: wait to be contacted by our sales department for payment details.

14) Shipping address and billing

Please always specify at every new order the address where the strings should be sent and invoicing data (please remember VAT number)

15) Estimated costs

We do not calculate estimated costs except in particular cases (out of print products, music conservatories, associations etc.): the prices of the strings are all available online. This enables us faster shipments without waste time for the customer. If you really need is an estimate you will be charged of Eur 5,00.

16) Non-standard set up, specially calculated (excluding the family of lutes)

The development of special set up not included in our standard list implies a price increase calculated according to the changes required, the extra calculations needed and the production costs required us.

17) Total cost or freight cost required in advance

It is not possible to determine accurately the total cost in advance (or even only shipping costs) because it depends from following factors:
a) kind of shipment used (sometimes imposed by local law of the place where we must send the parcel, considering package weight and type of goods dispatched)
b) weight of the package (exactly determined only when the parcel is closed)
c) specific place of destination (each nation has its own postal regulations)

18) Shipping Methods

READ CAREFULLY: Shipping costs (and possible insurance costs) of goods shipped and the risks arising from it are totally at the buyer’s charges.

Possible storage costs: at customer’s charges

We are not responsible for any inefficiency of postal service or in case missing delivery due to your unavailability, for change of personnel involved in delivery of the package or in case address provided is no exact, misspelled or incomplete. Remember that often the delay in delivery is due to customs operations in your country Please contact nearest postal store.

READ CAREFULLY: Please note that our shipping costs are imposed by Italian economy, they cannot be compared with those used in other EU or non EU states.

Our methods:

-Priority mail: fast enough but mainly economic. It is not possible to track the package. We use it only of less than 70 Eur.

-Registerd Mail : much slower than Priority Mail , apparently safer. Please note that the tracking number is valid only within Italy.

-Express Courier: fast, safe and efficient. A bit more expensive, but the delivery is fast and reliable (1-2 days). It is compulsory for orders above 70 Eur.

READ CAREFULLY: If the customer is able to suggest better solutions we will consider them, provided that the same conditions of service as the method we are using are guaranteed .

19) Way of delivery

READ CAREFULLY: No liability can be attributed to Aquila Corde Srl in case of delay of order processing or delivery delay of ordered goods.

Upon delivery of the goods by courier, the customer must check that: – the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is stated in the invoice – the packaging is not damaged or wet or otherwise altered – or that improper packaging material are used. Possible external damages or the mismatch in the number of packages or particulars, must be immediately reported to the courier who delivers, adding the word “conditioned withdrawal ” on the appropriate document and confirmed within 8 days by registered mail with return receipt to the courier, the address of which is written on transport document. In the case of damaged package to write “”conditioned withdrawal because package is damaged.”

It is also required to inform Aquila Corde Srl about malfunction , indicating the situation by mail or fax. Once the transport document of courier is signed, the customer cannot oppose any dispute about the external characteristics of delivered goods. Even if the packaging is intact, the goods must be verified within eight days from receipt. Any damages or hidden defects must be reported in writing by registered mail with return receipt to the address indicated in accompanying document.

20) VAT (Value Added Tax)

READ CAREFULLY: VAT (as well as shipping costs) are always at customer’s charges , so please do not pay the total of the strings without due tax. In case of shipment within the EU member states rate to be applied is always Italian one, equal to 21%. This fee does not apply to customers who have a valid VAT No. , which must be indicated when ordering and not after. Invoice for ordered items will be issued by Aquila Corde Srl at shipment of the products to customer. If a customer has a valid VAT No. and wish to receive relevant invoice , should indicate complete and correct invoicing data when placing the order. If not, Aquila Corde Armoniche Srl will not issue the fiscal invoice including VAT No.
READ CAREFULLY: We are NOT compelled to modify an invoice already issued, if the VAT is communicated to us after the shipping.

21) Import Tax

READ CAREFULLY: In some countries like Switzerland, China, Japan and Australia payment via bank involves a fix extra fee (usually equivalent to 13.50 Eur) which is at customer’s charges. Please do not deduct bank charges from the total amount payable.

This fee does not apply if you pay by credit card or Paypal

22) Request for writing ‘samples without commercial value’ on the package

We kindly ask our customers to avoid asking us to write on the package ‘samples without commercial value’ if this does not correspond to reality.

23) Development of set-up on demand at our premises

You are supposed to phone for fixing a meeting well in advance (not less than 10 days)

24) Request of special shipments

If you require shipment of a single big order shared in different smaller boxes and with separate smaller invoices, we will charge you Eur 5,00 for each extra box/invoice.

25) Way of payment of goods already delivered to the customer

READ CAREFULLY: Payment of goods must be made within 15 days from delivery. Unjustified delays are not allowed under penalty of suspension of future supplies (in addition to refunding of the value of the goods), if delay happens more than three times

Checks: We do not accept payments by check.

26) Cancellation of an order

The customer may cancel the order by giving simple communication by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bot. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Order can be cancelled unless it has already been proceeded.

27) Late Cancellation

If a cancellation should occur after shipment of the goods, the customer is still bound to receive the goods, after requesting permission to return. After return of the goods, it will be issued a credit note and the customer will be refunded of the amount paid, deducted shipping and insurance both for shipping and return.

READ CAREFULLY: Even if the client refuses to receive the parcel to avoid the subsequent refund, he will still be required to reimburse Aquila Corde Srl for shipping costs (and possibly insurance) already incurred as well as the shipping cost to return the goods by the courier.

28) Lengths of strings (valid for gut strings only)

Gut strings are produced only in standard lengths of 120 and 180 cm. We do not produce different lengths other than these two measures.

29) Liability

When placing an order the buyer is meant as responsible for compliance with law and security norms regarding the use of products purchased. And thus excluding any liability of the supplier for any and all direct or indirect damages caused to persons or property by misuse of products supplied. Notwithstanding the possibility of fraud or gross negligence of Aquila Corde Srl is already now agreed that, if found responsible for Aquila Corde Srl in any way to Customer – there including the case of default, in whole or in part, the obligations of Aquila corde Srl to customer as a result of processing an order – the responsibility of Aquila corde Srl does not exceed the price of the products purchased by customer and for which the dispute arose

30) Use of our research material, articles, pictures, etc.

The material, articles and photos on our site are copyrighted, if you need anything please send us a request in advance by e-mail

31) Right of withdrawal

According to article No. 5 of Italian D. Lgs. 185 dd. 22nd May 1999 , the customer (if he can be identified as a “consumer” according to Article 1 Lett . b) of Italian D. Lgs 185 dd. 22.05.1999 ) has the right of withdrawal form the contract and return the products ordered, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 10 (ten) working days from receipt of the Products. The right of withdrawal referred to in Article 6.1 must be exercised by the Customer, by sending a registered letter to Aquila Corde Srl Via Aviano 16, 36030 Caldogno (Vicenza), within 10 (ten) working days from receipt of the products

Above mentioned notification can be sent within the same period (deadline 10 days), by telegram or fax to Aquila Corde Srl number +39 0444 989399, but then confirmed by registered letter within 48 (forty- eight) hours after sending telegram or fax. All items returned (to be perfectly intact and accompanied by original packaging) should be authorized by Customer Service of Aquila Corde Srl. Customer may return the product to the following address: Aquila Corde Srl Via Aviano 16, 36030 Caldogno (Vicenza). We will not accept parcels with COD (cash on delivery) terms. Upon receipt of products (and after having checked their integrity) Aquila Corde Srl will soonest possible credit to the customer the cost of returned products (as indicated on the invoice), deducting packaging costs which will definitively be at customer charges.

32) Cases in which you cannot exercise right of withdrawal

According to what foreseen by Art. 5, paragraph 3, letter “d” – Italian D. Lgs. 185/99 the consumer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal in case of supply of our products delivered sealed that have been opened by the consumer.

READ CAREFULLY: right of withdrawal elapses completely, in case of lack of essential integrity of the item (the packaging and / or its content), and where Aquila Corde Sas finds:

a) Use (even partial ) of the item or eventual consumables
b) lacking or damaging of external or internal package
c) The damage to the product for reasons other than its transport.

33) Who has not right to withdraw

The consumer cannot exercise this right of withdrawal if purchased for purposes related to his business activity or profession, i.e when he purchased with VAT as stated in issued invoice.

34) Privacy

The company Aquila Corde Srl informs that the personal data provided by completing “personal data form” or otherwise, will be processed in accordance with Law No 196/2003. These data are available for the customer for checking, modification or cancellation (entering personal data sheet) and for the exercise of all other rights provided for in articles 7, 8.9 of Italian D.Lgs. n. 196 dd. 30.06.2003. Data is entered into a data archive at the first customer order. With reference to these data, Aquila Corde Armoniche Srl informs that collection and processing of consumer data are required in case of order for products and is optional in all other cases.

The consumer data will be handled in written form on paper and in electronic format, its processing will be in accordance with contractual requirements, including payment transactions and delivery of goods ordered to comply with obligations imposed by law or arranged by the Authority and, only upon explicit permission, for purposes of commercial information and interactive promotional and market research.

The data consumer will not be disclosed or communicated to others not employed by Aquila Corde Armoniche Srl, except to those necessary or appropriate to undertake the contract of Aquila Corde Armoniche Srl: banks for payment processing and forwarding agents for transport, in the place indicated by the consumer, of purchased items, other companies providing activities and services needed to perform the services that the consumer will consider to request or authorize to Aquila Corde Armoniche Srl .

The data of the consumer, except in case otherwise specified, will be communicated to addressee of gift of one or more products purchased through Aquila Corde Sas. Such information is necessary in order to avoid distrust in the person that is being addressed to an anonymous package

Owner and manager of personal data processing is Aquila Corde Armoniche Srl, based in Via Aviano 16, 36030 Caldogno (Vicenza) Tel: +39 (0444) 986972, fax: +39 (0444) 989399. Register of Companies Vicenza CCIAA No 220772

35) Jurisdiction

The contract of sale between the customer and Aquila Corde Armoniche Srl agreed in Italy and governed by Italian law.

Still subject to any applicable provisions required by law for consumer’s safeguard (as defined according to Article 1 letter b) of Italian D. Lgs. No. 185 dd. 22.05.1999 ), any possible dispute related to these Terms, shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Vicenza. Jurisdiction and applicable Law

According to the effects of articles 1341 and 1342 of Italian Civil Code, the Customer declares to have carefully read and understood and agrees to the following specific provisions of the Terms of Sales of Aquila Corde Armoniche Sas: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36.

…your trebles break too often? Working tension does not feel right? Would you like to know more about strings secrets? It’s time top turn to our FAQs


Recent comments

Andrea Pettinari – ITALY
…felice che un’azienda italiana sia capace di distinguersi per professionalità e innovazione, come Voi fate.
Taro Tamura – Japan
I have web shop ”Spain Guitar Online Shop” in Japan. I have sell mainly Classical guitars,Flamenco guitars and Ukes. I am interested in your ukuleles strings. It’s fantastic.
Del Ventruella – US
…My first reaction, when I installed this strings, was to tell myself to send Aquila a message and proclaim the guy who came up with these red label strings to be a genius! (Probably tired of hearing that by now…)
Guys! I have just strung my soprano,concert and banjouke with your red strings, they are awesome! The sound is rich, the tonation beautiful and the low G for the concert uke is a wonder to behold. My instruments have never sounded so good. I thought my other Aquila strings were good…..but these…..WOW! My brother-in-law also plays uses and I have bought him two sets also. Thank you sooooo much for making these strings
Matheus Verdan – Brazil
…..I am so glad, thanks for your attention! This really make’s a difference in a brand, excepcional! I will make the people know about the dangers with fake aquila, and about the real quality and professionalism of the brand! Thank you so much!
Vi vorrei rivolgere i miei più sentiti complimenti per il lavoro che svolgete, e il senso di orgoglio che mi compisce nel pensare che un’azienda italiana lavori in questo modo. Ho iniziato a suonare anche grazie a Voi, e questo ve lo devo.
Michael Curry – USA
Alabastro, basses were nice and round, with plenty of edge to cut through, a very good string with lots of volume….
Nylgut- Extremely dynamic string, these are loud with better tone than carbon strings, all the brightness one would ever wantI would keep them on 2 of my 5 guitars though, because the grip on them is amazing, the unbelievable dynamic range, and they are warmer than carbon…. I must admit, I have been using very clear nylon strings over the yearsso nylgut was a nice in-between alternative, I think I will buy more in the future for sure..
The Bionylon felt great under my fingers, and I loved the sustain when I would do a glissando.
Monique “Honeybird” Mizrahi – New York – US –
Aquila Corde charango strings have brought my charango sound to a new level. The supernylgut strings have a warm full sound with a magical presence which I haven’t heard in any other charango strings. Clarity in glissandos, nice feel for bends, definition in the double strings, pull-offs and hammer-ons. I am very happy with Aquila Corde. Grazie mille!
Michael Malley – USA
…I love the low g red series for the Ukulele. On my concert uke it works great…
Eventually I got my banjo tuned to standard G tuning….
I had to shorten a couple of the strings because of too many wraps around the tuner post, but now it stays in tune.
I love these Nylgut strings…
Mark Trichka – USA
I saw your catalog online and was very impressed with your integrity and your product. I have used your strings before and loved them
David Stanley – UK
On Nylgut strings…Many listeners have commented on their beautiful clear sound.
These are the best strings I have used in over 50 years of performing & teaching.
George Charalampidis – Greece
…I love the sound of Aquila’s Nylgut for Oud and I do not want to buy strings from another company…
David Stanley – UK
…My set of Alchemia lasted over four months without losing their tone or their volume. That is a big compliment to the strings. Other strings would occasionally last me six weeks, other strings normally only last me about two weeks!
Mario Berta – Italy
Grazie per la tempestività nel rispondere. Siete una delle migliori ditte al mondo (forse la migliore !) e questo fa onore agli italiani e ai musicisti.
Toon Van Schuylenbergh – Belgium
Hey Aquila, I’am playing ukulele for a few years now and I’am in love with Aquila strings. I always use Aquila strings…
M° Stefano Aruta – Italy
… ieri ho ricevuto le 12 mute di AMBRA che avevo richiesto, ho montato una nuova muta e sento il bisogno di ripeterti quanto detto al telefono a mio parere sono le migliori corde oggi reperibili.
…il mio parere è frutto di una esperienza quarantacinquennale …
Innanzi tutto ho sempre insegnato ai miei allievi che la musica è l’arte di organizzare i suoni ma la matrice di tutto è il suono in sè come mero epifenomeno ed al di la di ogni banale considerazione su potenza , durata , sustain ed altre simili amenità ti ringrazio perché attraverso la tua ricerca hai ridato nobiltà al suono della chitarra , si vede che dietro al tuo lavoro non vi è solo una mera ricerca commerciale , ma un affanno teso alla ricerca del bello in modo da mettere noi musicisti in condizione di dare il meglio…
John Whipps, – UK –
I bought a set of Rubino classical guitar….I love the strings on my guitar. ( Amalio Burgeut AB rio.) in fact, I wish to compliment you on both the quality of the strings and the service. Many thanks for the excellent and unique strings and exceptional service.
M° Marcello Appignani
I have tried a lot of different brands of guitar strings but I never heard a sound so fitting to me! I am an ”anomalous” guitarist because I play also on the piano so I cannot have long nails and with the classical guitar strings Alabastro I got the sound I looked for.
Giulio Chiandetti
Complimenti al m° Mimmo Peruffo! Ho montato sulla mia vecchia Ramirez le Aquila rubino. Dopo tanto tempo ho ritrovato il piacere del vibrato sulla chitarra classica. Una grande emozione. Anche i bassi rispondono senza rumori e sfregolii di sorta. Ottimo l’equilibrio degli accordi così come risaltano la personalità e il carattere del suono nelle linee melodiche. Queste sono corde armoniche! Grazie, maestro,
I recently bought a few set of strings from your company. I wanted to try new strings after being loyal to my former brand for over thirty years. I must say I was pleasantly surprised in your Nylgut strings. The trebles where very nice
I use a variety of Aquila strings on various instruments and appreciate the quality products and your responsiveness to customers.
Rob Wright – AUSTRALIA
…I also recently bought a set of Aquila Reds for my Kala UBass which I am very happy with as well…
Seoung Don Min
We’re so satisfied with your product.
Thank you for everything and honored I like this nice bright tone and rapid attack response.
also I think (as you written down the back of the pack) tone stability is quite nice
James Everhart – USA
…I thank you very much for your service. As well as the quality of your product. I am a fan of Aquila strings for life.My ukulele says thank you very much! Have a Great Day!
Phil Doleman – UK
…Anyway, as a user of your uke strings for as long as I can remember (at least 10 years I’m sure)….I’m not asking for free products, simply to share the fact that I love your strings!
Mr. Clifford J. Lueck – US –
…just admiration for purchasing your Super Nylgut Ukulele strings for my 60 year old Mickey Mouse Getar I recently acquired.
I was able to achieve the required pitch and stability in seconds. That is saying a lot for a plastic Uke.

I will continue to purchase your strings for my 200+ collection of string instrument….

Enrico Foglino – Italy
Ho ricevuto ieri le sostituzioni promesse. Grazie ancora, siete davvero professionali ed attenti ai clienti, qualità sempre più rare!
Thank you for your wonderful customer service, I cannot speak highly enough of your fantastic follow up and I will continue to use Aquila strings and a lot of that has to do with the treatment I have received from you and your Company.
Andrea Rinaudo – Italy
…mi ha stupito l’equilibrio tra bassi e cantini, cosa che permette anche di ottenere maggiori estensioni di volume con lo strumento, in registro acuto. Dal punto di vista timbrico poi sono davvero eccelse, nulla da invidiare alle…..   …le migliori corde mai provate (e non voglio far l’adulatore, non lo sono mai stato)….
Salvatore Pinto – ITALY
…sono bellissime, grazie. siete stati molto gentili continuerò a usare queste corde.
Oddbjorn Larsen – Norway
I got my Thunder reds for my Kala ubass yesterday. Put them on right away. Last night at rehearsal with my band. They all loved the tone, and for me the playability is way better than the standard strings. The deep E is loud and clear and makes it easy to make a statement for the bassist with a small bass. Thanks a lot
John Kelly – USA
…I have used your strings for years and love them…
Andre Hendriks – NL
A ukuleleshop is not complete whitout Aquila strings
Julian Roach – UK
… After two weeks of playing on them every day I am still delighted with them….I find them molto cantabile, with excellent sustain, quick in their response and highly responsive to variation in touch. They bring a new kind of sound out of my Sakurai-Kohno, a very ’alive’ kind of sound. I normally play on D’Addario Pro Arte, which I regard both as excellent strings and good value. Alabastros cost a lot more, but I will pay the difference for their distinctive charm. I thought you might like to know that you have a customer in the UK who is very pleased with your strings…
M° Domenico Lafasciano
Ho avuto il piacere di provare le corde armoniche Aquila.
Ottimo prodotto, con perfetta intonazione, bellissima cantabilità, prontezza d’attacco,
fascino nel vibrato.
Inoltre la loro lunghezza e morbidezza, rendono anche piacevole il noioso lavoro del cambio
di corde.
Le userò e le raccomando vivamente !
Scott Wenholz – California
I put the Lavas on my 8 string Uke this weekend and love them….the tone of the originals were great, but the Lavas are another level. Like the reds, they take a little while to settle in, but once they do, they sound and feel amazing. The black strings on a dark fret board looks cool too.
Ann Beckett – AUSTRALIA
It is rare these days to find the dedication to customers’ needs by yourself and your Company and I absolutely applaud you for this, not too many companies would go out of their way to help like you have, rather they would dismiss it as just not worth the effort….Aquila have just been absolutely outstanding in offering help….
Castellaro Davide – The Utopia Custom shop – Italy
… In questo periodo diversi miei clienti mi chiedono i Vostri prodotti…
Steve Paull – Australia
The new Red Aquila strings have arrived.
I have tightened the lower G string up to the B above G with no problems.
Many thanks for your kindness and great service.
…ok, your loaded long gut string is the best from long time.So am am waiting until you can…
JUHA – Finland
Thank you very much for your kind support!!! Aquila has supported our events since we first begun and you have played a major role in helping us keep ukulele alive here……
M° Massimo Gasbarroni – Italy
Come le accennavo frettolosamente, anch’io come, credo, tutti i chitarristi di questo mondo, abbiamo sempre avuto il problema di reperire delle corde di chitarra con delle prestazioni meccaniche e sonore accettabili.
Quando ero studente, fine anni quaranta-cinquanta ho provato anche le corde di budello e di seta naturalmente.
Ma se andavano bene per piccoli spazi non erano certo adatte ad una moderna sala da concerto, come ad esempio il Teatro Petruzzelli, 3000 posti, dove tenni un concerto senza problemi.
Sembrerebbe, a meno di un colossale abbaglio, che con le sue corde io possa aver finito di soffrire…
Kreg Viesselman – Norway
My luthier, Leonardo Michelin-Salomon of LMS guitars, gave me a set of your strings to try on the guitar he made for me. Simply put, I love them.