Early Music Strings

Our philosophy

Unsplit Lamb Gut

Whole unsplit lamb gut strings (not cut in strips), adhering to the historical reality of the string makers of the past, with superior acoustical and mechanical properties compared to strings made from strips of both sheep and beef gut.

Beef gut

Varnished and smooth gut strings in which we combine the best of our knowledge in the field of historical Italian string-making together with modern treatments, in order to improve the stability to climate change as well as providing a high durability over time.

Synthetic strings

Notice: suitable for plucked instruments only.

The development of new synthetic materials that could imitate the acoustic characteristics of gut has always been a fundamental element of our research. Nylgut®, Sugar, and the rubber based materials for basses, represent the result of this research.

Lead Time

Early Music Strings, if not available in stock, have to be specially produced. Payment of the supply will be requested only when strings are ready. You may consider a lead time of approximately three days for synthetic strings and up to two weeks for gut strings.

Minimum order amount 50 € + VAT if due