Open wound “FD” strings (pure silver open wound)

Aquila bow wound strings: our criterias

As far as we know, our “FD” type strings (demi fileé in pure silver) are based on the constructive proportions and the typical materials used between the 18th and 19th centuries for wound strings.

Note: Due to the spacing between the coils of the metal wire, this type of string is extremely delicate. During the first tuning phase it is therefore advisable to lift the string a few millimetres above the groove of the nut and the bridge, and let it go only when the required pitch is close. As a matter of fact, the spacing of the winding, due to its nature, does not allow the string to slide in the grooves. In this way the risk of damaging the wire is eliminated.

4FD4FD - D baroque violin light tension silver open wound type "FD"55 cm22.00 + VAT
5FD5FD - D baroque violin medium tension silver open wound type "FD"55 cm22.00 + VAT
6FD6FD - D baroque violin heavy tension silver open wound type "FD"55 cm22.00 + VAT
117FD117FD - C baroque bass (gamba family) medium tension silver open wound type "FD"112 cm33.00 + VAT
118FD118FD -C baroque bass (gamba family) heavy tension silver open wound type "FD"112 cm33.00 + VAT
120FD120FD - G baroque bass 'Stradivarian’ silver open wound type "FD"120 cm35.00 + VAT