Renaissance Bass strings in lamb gut

Vibrating string length: 74 cm

The usage of unsplit lamb gut, besides being closer to the historical reality of the string makers of the past, has also led to strings with unexpected superior acoustical and mechanical properties, as compared to those produced with gut strips. The HU type strings have a surface that has been smoothened only the minimum needed to guarantee that the string is not false; the string is then slightly oiled.
Standard length is 120 cm up to diameters of 1.90 mm. Starting from a diameter of 2.00 mm, the standard length changes to 180 mm only.


In the following tables, for each note it will be first displayed the string in medium tension, followed by the one in strong tension.

Choose which strings to install

If you prefer to arrange your set by selecting the precise diameters you can add the single strings from the tables below, where the recommended diameters are shown. An increase in diameter corresponds to an increase in tension.

Otherwise, if you prefer to choose any diameter freely, we suggest you go to the overview pages of the Unsplit lamb gut “HU” strings and the Venice gut roped strings “V” type

Possible Renaissance Bass D-Strings

76HU76HU - Unsplit gut string0.76 mm120 cm11.60 + VAT
79HU79HU - Unsplit gut string0.79 mm120 cm11.60 + VAT

Possible Renaissance Bass A-Strings

97HU97HU - Unsplit gut string0.97 mm120 cm14.60 + VAT
100HU100HU - Unsplit gut string1.00 mm120 cm14.60 + VAT

Possible Renaissance Bass E-Strings

124HU124HU - Unsplit gut string1.24 mm120 cm21.20 + VAT
128HU128HU - Unsplit gut string1.28 mm120 cm21.20 + VAT

Possible Renaissance Bass C-Strings

155HU155HU - Unsplit gut string1.55 mm120 cm24.10 + VAT
160HU160HU - Unsplit gut string1.60 mm120 cm26.40 + VAT

Possible Renaissance Bass G-Strings

240V240V - Venice gut string2.40 mm120 cm45.10 + VAT
250V250V - Venice gut string2.50 mm120 cm45.10 + VAT

Possible Renaissance Bass D-Strings

300V300V - Venice gut string3.20 mm120 cm60.70 + VAT
310V310V - Venice gut string3.10 mm120 cm60.70 + VAT