FG synthetic strings set for G Violon

336.94 + VAT

Vibrating string length: 95 cm

The F-Red Series are the new synthetic strings for bowed instruments, developed by Aquila Corde Armoniche as a valid alternative to natural gut

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Notice: to avoid damages, do not cut the strings. In case you want to shorten them, first spread some quick glue around the point where you want to cut.



The “tirata”

“Tirata” is a word used by the string makers of the great Italian tradition. It represents the correct length of string needed on each instrument, considering its full dimensions. We decided to reintroduce it in our vocabulary to specify the length of a single string, which will no longer be indicated in centimetres.
For example, a string that’s 120 cm long will correspond to 2 tirate on a violin, but only 1 tirata on a cello.


SKUNameGaugeLengthGut EquivalentPriceBuy
14FG#1G VIOLON "g" SUPERIOR TENSION - SYNTHETIC1.16 mm1 tirata1.16 mm28.98 + VAT
14FG#2G VIOLON "d" MEDIUM TENSION - SYNTHETIC1.50 mm1 tirata1.50 mm35.14 + VAT
14FG#3G VIOLON "a" MEDIUM TENSION - SYNTHETIC1 tirata2.00 mm49.50 + VAT
14FG#4G VIOLON "f" MEDIUM TENSION - SYNTHETIC1 tirata2.60 mm79.95 + VAT
14FG#5G VIOLON "C" MEDIUM TENSION - SYNTHETIC1 tirata3.30 mm85.92 + VAT
14FG#6G VIOLON "G" MEDIUM TENSION - SYNTHETIC1 tirata4.30 mm108.00 + VAT

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