Sets according to today’s gauges in beef gut

46.00 + VAT

Vibrating string length: 32 cm


Our ready-made sets are composed of strings with a standard length of 60 cm and diameters suitable for required tension.
If you want to personally choose string of 120 cm length and specific diameters, you can add them to the cart from the tables below.

Why should I choose a ready-made set instead of single strings?

We suggest to choose a set if you do not feel completely sure of the diameters, because you are beginning, or have little time. The gauges and the type of strings included in our sets meet the needs of most of our customers. This way you don’t have to expect for a bad surprise. A personalized setup of your instrument can start from here: by raising or lowering the whole setup by half a tone, you can easily know if your next setup, the definitive one, will need more or less tension or even remain unchanged as per our suggestion.



Buy single strings

If you prefer to arrange your set by selecting the precise diameters you can add the single strings from the tables below, where the recommended diameters are shown. An increase in diameter corresponds to an increase in tension.

Else if you prefer to choose completely freely any diameter , we suggest you go to the summary page of the Beef gut “HV” strings HV and of the Close wound “F” strings (in pure silver).


Suggested diameters are those used today. If you are interested in historical diameters, go here.

For each specified string the central diameter is that of medium tension, which we suggest if you never used our strings. For a light tension choose the first suggested diameter, for superior tension choose the last one.

Vibrating string length: 32 cm

Possible Violin E-strings

62HV62HV - Varnished gut string0.62 mm120 cm7.10 + VAT
64HV64HV - Varnished gut string0.64 mm120 cm8.80 + VAT
66HV66HV - Varnished gut string0.66 mm120 cm8.80 + VAT

Possible Violin A-strings

85HV85HV - Varnished gut string0.85 mm120 cm10.50 + VAT
79HV79HV - Varnished gut string0.79 mm120 cm10.50 + VAT
82HV82HV - Varnished gut string0.82 mm120 cm10.50 + VAT

Possible Violin D-strings

104HV104HV - Varnished gut string1.04 mm120 cm13.30 + VAT
108HV108HV - Varnished gut string1.08 mm120 cm13.30 + VAT
112HV112HV - Varnished gut string1.12 mm120 cm17.10 + VAT

Possible Violin G-strings

10F10F - G baroque violin string light tension silver close wound type "F" standard1.55 mm equivalent gut55 cm29.39 + VAT
11F11F - G baroque violin string medium tension silver close wound type "F" standard1.60 mm equivalent gut55 cm29.39 + VAT
12F12F - G baroque violin string heavy tension silver close wound type "F" standard1.65 mm equivalent gut55 cm29.39 + VAT

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