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The plant becomes sound: in fact the first three treble strings are made of Nylonplant (a very special variety of Nylon that is a 100% plant’s derivate), extruded directly in our company. This means a reduction of more than 50% of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere during synthesis of the material. This is our contribution to the environmental issue. The sound of this new type of material is particularly bright and prompt, in the same direction of Fluorocarbon strings. The sound power is remarkable, along with a fast and stable achievement of the string tuning. Bass strings are our traditional silver-plated copper, wound on a multifilament core in Supernylgut®.



Set Zaffiro tensione normale

Corda Tensione (Kg) Diametro (mm)
mi 8,6 0,71
si 7,4 0,81
sol 6,8 1,02
RE 7,4 0,70 ext
LA 7,7 0,86 ext
MI 6,6 1,06 ext

Set Zaffiro tensione superiore

Corda Tensione (Kg) Diametro (mm)
mi 9,6 0,73
si 8,1 0,83
sol 7,5 1,04
RE 7,8 0,70 ext
LA 8,5 0,90 ext
MI 7,5 1,08 ext

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