Seta Basses

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Dear Customers, our Seta set code 127C has been discontinued. The natural silk core basses are available as separate item called “Seta” code 126C. This basses can eventually be paired with the normal tension Ambra 2000 code 150C trebles available as separate product, recreating in this way the old “Seta” set.

These basses of this set are in real silk floss, which, being naturally produced by an insect, cannot be steadily regular in their gauge. As a consequence, it may happen that the bass strings at 12th fret may be flat or sharp to a certain extent. The limit accepted by us is of 8 cents more or less. Beyond this value, the string is considered non-compliant and it will be replaced. Besides, we would like to remind that the degree of compensation introduced by the inclination of the bone of the bridge – which is calibrated to the modern strings with a core of Nylon- may not apply to strings with a core of natural silk. Use this basses set at the standard pitch of 435 Hz and on guitar of max 65 cms of scale. It is also suggested when you are not playing, to tune the wound basses a semitone down just to ensure the maximum lifetime.

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