Red Springs Synthetic G + D

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Burnt red bioplastic synthetic core covered with a flat nylon filament. G and D has the same sustain. For pizzicato only

Pizzicato Red Springs Synthetic G

Pizzicato Red Springs Synthetic D


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Red Springs Synthetic G and D

When one make G and D strings using for both the same gut or synthetic core, the sound and sustain of the D string is inferior to that of the G string: this is an unavoidable effect due to the thicker diameter of the same material.

In order to compensate this effect, in this series the D string has been ‘densified’ by adding micronised copper powder to the plastic blend. The result is that G and D strings now have the same sustain and tone.

These strings are exclusively suitable for pizzicato

Color: burnt red

External gauges: G 2.30 mm; D 2.90 mm

diametro / gauge tensione / tension
(mm) (in) (kg) (lb)
1 G 2,30 0,091 22,5 49,61
2 D 2,90 0,114 20,7 45,64

Pay attention!! How to install G and D strings

Audio samples

Pizzicato Red Springs Synthetic G

Pizzicato Red Springs Synthetic D

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