Oud – Reds

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All these types are made in standard tension (3.4 Kg average for each string).

Full sets and single strings for Arabic, Iraqi and Turkish Oud. Treble strings are made with a newly discovered high-performance bioplastic that we call Sugar. Wound strings are made of an an-allergic red copper winding (except for the third strings of the Arabic and Turkish sets, and for the fourth strings of the Iraqi set, that are wound with a special grey colored metal blend) with low noisiness under the left hand’s fingers

String conversion: Sugar gauge = Nylon gauge x .91

example: .71 mm Nylon x .91= .646 mm Sugar ( in practice .65 mm)


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The problem of the Ré (D) strings in the Arabic and Iraqi tuning, and the Mi (E) strings in the Turkish tuning

The third strings of the Arabic Oud sets (Ré, or D) and Turkish Oud set (Mi, or E), are usually wound strings that have always been difficult to produce, using the commonly available materials (silver-plated copper or varnished copper). To obtain the right tone with the right tensions, very thin windings had to be used, but these led to a fast deterioration of the string, making it more fragile than the rest of the set. Thanks to a constant research on materials, Aquila Corde proposes two innovative solutions, guaranteeing at the same time an excellent acoustic performance, great stability and resistance, and a good balance with the rest of the set:

  • The first solution is a grey metal wound string, offered by default on all our sets, made with a highly resistant and performing wire, completely hypoallergenic, that will satisfy all those players that are accustomed to playing a wound string in that position;
  • The second solution consists of a dark-red colored synthetic string made with a special bio-plastic, loaded with metal powder in order to increase its density. The synthetic string has a perfectly smooth surface, and the performance is much better than traditional wound strings.

The European Commission provides an online dispute resolution system, which can be reached at the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

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