Nylgut® for Banjo and Minstrel Banjo

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Until the middle of the 20th century, Banjo strings were made from gut, a material that had been in use for thousands of years and was characterised by a good promptness of attack combined with a particularly warm tonal performance: substantially different, therefore, from that of nylon. The development of a new synthetic product – either as monofilament or multifilament for basses – that would have the same acoustic characteristics as gut has therefore always been a fundamental point of our research work. Nylgut® finally represents the culmination of this. These Nylgut wetsuits are of modern design; in fact, they have larger diameters and relative tension values than the average of the historical wetsuits that were in use during the so-called ‘classic period’ of the banjo (1870-1940).


Just like gut, Nylgut® is liable to suffer from cutting edges. Before stringing the instrument do make sure the nut and bridge are free from sharp edges and the nut grooves not too deep and perfectly smooth. You can get rid of sharp edges with very fine grit sandpaper (600, for example) or the finest steelwool (000).


The 4th string on sets 1B and 2B for Old Style Banjo is unwound. They are made up of a recently discovered bio-plastic – that we named Sugar – that has been loaded with metallic powders. Thanks to this technology, we were able to produce unwound strings with very bright sound, stable and with a smooth surface, that are not affected by the oxidation, that is typical of metal wound strings.




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