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There was only one series missing on Aquila’s catalogue: the one that has been conceived after several years of friendship with  Aldrine Guerrero. These sets are produced with our special recipes, keeping in mind a shared passion for sound. For the love of the earth with our Eco-friendly packaging.


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1a ten. 2a ten. 3a ten. 4a ten.
157U Aquila AGXAQ Ukulele Set, GCEA Soprano, high-G 0,65 mm 3,4 Kg 0,76 mm 2,6 Kg 0,98 mm 2,7 Kg 0,69 mm 3,0 Kg
158U Aquila AGXAQ Ukulele Set, GCEA Concert, high-G 0,68 mm 3,9 Kg 0,79 mm 2,9 Kg 1,02 mm 3,1 Kg 0,71 mm 3,4 Kg
145U Aquila AGXAQ Ukulele Set, GCEA Tenor High G 0,71 mm 6,3 Kg 0,81 mm 4,6 Kg 1,04 mm 2,8 Kg 0,74 mm 4,9 Kg
159U Aquila AGXAQ Ukulele Set, DGBE Baritone, low-D, wound-D&G 0,71 mm 4,9 Kg 0,81 mm 3,6 Kg 0,80 mm 2,7 Kg 0,70 mm 1,5 Kg

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