Genuine Gut Strings

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Since the Ukulele appeared (approx. in 1874), gut strings was the only choice available.

The gut strings initially used were those of the Violin (first and second string) and then in the ’30s, appeared the specific set for Ukulele. By the production of modern synthetic materials and in particular of Nylon (1938), the strings to use music finally ensured a low cost, a good long life and high stability to climate changes.

Despite this, with the decline of gut something important was lost: its special feel and its ability to imitate at best human voice, this quality for decades could not be recovered.

Made by hand as before, the gut strings of these sets allow you to enjoy the authentic sounds of the ‘Roaring Twenties’. We would like to stress the word ‘authentic’. As researchers of strings and historical f set-up of the past (see ‘ Strings for Early Music) not because we are interested in proposing a set up of gut strings made by modern standards, i.e. stiff varnishes gut strings. This solution give a better lifetime but do the sound duller and different than those of natural gut. On the contrary, we are interested in a recovery as exact as possible not only of the string technology of the time when the instrument was developed but especially the forgotten sounds that we can now enjoy only in old records. To achieve our goal we had to undertake a research that can be described as ‘archaeological’ which included the collection and measurement of Ukulele gut strings of different set up of that time.

We are the first to present again to the world these set up exactly reconstructed.


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